Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kevin K and the Real Kool Kats - "Addiction" (Lollipop Records - 2004)

Hi lads.
It's been a while since the last time here. I took some days off work to go on vacations with my family but the sad news of losing a beloved cousin, in such a young age, throw me a little mentally and physically. Anyway. For some reason when I'm sad for losing someone, i wanna hear Kevin K.
For those not in the know about Kevin K, he's quite simply the last of the true holdovers of the N.Y. City's street rock n' roll tradition. A true admirer/follower of Johnny & Jerry. A tattooed Paul Westerberg that pain and sorrow needle him from the early days. A Stiv Bators for the younger generation. I like every single work by him, from the Road Vultures days and the Lone Cowboys, to his recent essays with Real Kool Kats or the Hollywood Stars. I had the honor to interview him a couple of years ago for our then zine. Manolis, one of my best friends and comrade on Gang Bang Press & Sound, uploaded some things from our old mag pages on the net and if anyone's interested can found this codling dash here. He was cool enough to send me a pack of CD's that I'll never was able to catch in this small corner of the world, named Greece and guess what, he didn't charge me a dime. I'm looking forward these days for his book under the title "How to Become a Successful Loser". The record I'm offering, is among my very favorites. Recorded back in 2004 with the french guys the Real Kool Kats, and of course it's in the vein of the Heartbreakers (a brilliant cover of "One Track Mind" is included), the Stones, Paul Westerberg plus a lil' power pop powder for a bitter sweet result.
Support Kevin K on whatever he does. He's the last of a kind. Sadly...
R.I.P. Kanellos
320 Kbps

Kevin K's book


  1. Brilliant! Thank you so much

  2. Hi Mihaleez.
    Just read this post. I'm hoping to bring Kevin K home to play a Buffalo show sometime soon.
    Meanwhile, check out . Kevin is in the Toys clip. He's the blond-headed guitar player.

    Mr. E