Friday, August 27, 2010

The Sid Presley Experience - "Cold Turkey" (SPE, 1984) & "Public Enemy No.1" (I.D. Records, 1984) Singles

I guess most of this blogs' visitors probably know who the Godfathers were/are, right? Well, to those not in the know, the Godfathers were the last true rock n' roll outfit that came out of Britain. Perhaps a punkier version of Dr. Feelgood or a rhythm & blues edition of Sex Pistols. Anyway, I must do and say more things on these lads in the near (hopefully) future. The Coyne brothers (Peter - guitar, Chris - vocals) always were the core of this terrific gang. But before the gangster suits and band name, lead a more (!) aggressive and passionate group, the Sid Presley Experience. Obviously, a three word tribute to some iconic figures of rock n' roll. Still sharp dressed, still rough and most importantly, in a more high octane state than their later “famous” effort. On their short lived "career" as far as I know, put out only two singles (“Public Enemy No.1” and “Cold Turkey”) and even though had numerous fans and cool/good coverage from the English music press (not the best lads in the world, especially for a rock n' roll band) for some reason unknown to me, they disbanded.
Due to my age, I discovered them many years later and of course the reason why was the Godfathers. I always liked their version on John Lennon’s “Cold Turkey”. It was rougher and rawer. One day some record store owner played me Sid Presley’s version and from that specific day, this early incarnation of Godfathers became something of an obsession to me. Last night got down to my basement to dig up an old Zig Zag magazine (January 1984) with the Sid Presleys inside. On a small piece of the interview you can actually read and understand the reason why these guys were Britain’s last chance to rock n’ roll (see last picture)…


"Cold Turkey"

A Side: "Cold Turkey"
B Side :"Firewater", "F For Fake"

"Public Enemy No.1"
A Side: "Public Enemy Number One"
B Side : "Hup Two Three For"


  1. The download stops at 15.9mb, I've tried 3 times.

  2. Don't know why this happened to you, Jerry Lee. I just gave a try and it worked. Try again later and let me know mate.

  3. Next The Godfathers - Afterlife?

  4. Finally came through! Thanks, great stuff. Just love those computer glitches...

  5. Haaaah, "Afterlife" huh? Unfortunately i don't have it. I think that's the only one from the Godfathers that i don't own. Sorry... I saw many lads on the net looking for it but, neither do i. I never listened to it either. Is it any good? Stay tuned though, i think i got some cool things from the cool mobsters above.

  6. Listening to it now, brilliant, many thanks!

  7. any chance for a reupload ?????