Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eddie & the Hot Rods - "Teenage Depression" (Island Records, 1976)

Like the Count Bishops, Little Bob Story or the Gorillas, Eddie & the Hot Rods were the links between the tough rhythm & blues explosion of pub rock and the super speed rebellious attacks of punk rock. If you ask, for me the best combination on rock n’ roll! With one foot stompin’ strongly on the Pretty Things' or even the Rolling Stones' early days and the other on the American garage punk forefathers (the Sonics, ? & the Mysterians) - the Hotrods created for three at least years a fuel injected rock n’ roll that had not many rivals or emulators!
On their debut LP “Teenage Depression” one year before the official arrival of British punk movement (1976) with the Pistols, the Clash and all the others, combined the Who’s and the Pretties’ tough enuff riffs and rhythms with a teenage angst that many were about to adopt some months later. Their taste on rock n’ roll through what choose to cover here, says exactly what the influences were for these punks.
Joe Tex’s “Show Me”, Sam Cooke’s “Shake” and of course the Who’s “The kids are alright” makes them look to our eyes like mods that lost their paths!
The homonym track of the album is the absolute punk track! Loud & snotty, anguished to the max with a “No Future” trademark written all over it, again 12 months or so before Johnny Rotten and co.
The ultimate outsiders’ Long Play that came outta Britain during the whole 70s decade! Nevermind the Sex Pistols, here’s Eddie & the Hot Rods!

Teenage Depression


  1. Iconic LP and cover, will and has stand the test of time, KUDOS!

  2. I bought this album at the time and still love it far more power than Life on the line they really were great the next inline from those wonderful Feelgoods

  3. Wow, I feel like I'm looking at a replica of my record collection when I look at this blog!

    I can remember buying the Eddie & the Hot Rods LP in spring of '77 in the record section of the basement discount store below the local supermarket in a nearby small town. I bought it on a whim because it looked cool and it had covers of some songs I knew I liked. I took it home and was blown away!

    Of course, that was the U.S. version, which had a smokin' live set on side 2, but only half the studio recordings.


  4. I'm really jealous about your good fortune guys to be in the right place the right time! Growing up in the 90s wasn't that good...and that's the reason why i looked back on previous decades with obviously better things to discover! Thanks again for stopping by commenting!

  5. The Rods with Lew Lewis before he left and started "Lew Lewis Reformer" and got caught robbing banks.

  6. Thanks for this, I cant wait to hear it.

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