Monday, August 16, 2010

Ian Dury - "New Boots and Panties!!" (Stiff, 1977)

I always had a thing for unusual people. I trust 'em. I like the way they looked weird at least for most of the other people. I like people too that have a "problem" that makes them unique. From a small child still, i was unable to follow the other kids on school and make fun of them and their uniqueness. I didn't pity them. I pity people that's racists, money hunters and liars. I have no bad word for all the others, and especially those with kinetic problems.
Gene Vincent was one of my ultimate heroes. And he had a "bad" leg. That didn't stopped him to be thee Gene Vincent we all like and admire. The first time i confronted Ian Dury was in a club. Not in person. "Wake Up and Make Love to Me" blasted through the place's speakers and i left there stunned! No dance! Go figure, with a track like this i remained something like a statue. And that incident took place about 15 years ago. Still this sucker on his late teens. There was no internet and there was not much money in my pockets. So i had to wait for years to catch this long play.
Ian Dury had a "bad" leg too and he liked Gene Vincent at least as much as me (i still believe I'm No. 1 fan on most of my favorite artists - so i believe i can make a compromise here and let Billy Miller & Ian Dury be on the same table with me on this)! And that's a great coincidence! On a second thought this must not be a coincidence, it's fate. So i bought sometime later "New Boots and Panties!!" and from that moment never really recover. A bizarrely energetic amalgam of Pub Rock, Rock & Roll, Funk and Calypso... Brilliant lyrics and danceable beats to make a thousands assholes under an artist name that starts with a "D.J", sample him and cash on his back.  C'mon, span classics here: "Wake Up and Make Love With Me", "Sweet Gene Vincent", "Sex & Drugs & Rock N' Roll", "Blockheads", "Razzle In My Pocket"... You won't be wrong if you count this as a "Best Of" record.... One of the most underrated artists ever, just like our idol, Gene.
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New Boots and Panties!! 


  1. Dury was fugging GREAT in The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover! JH

  2. New boots and panties is awesome! This is a great listen!