Friday, August 6, 2010

The Runaways - "The Best of The Runaways" (Mercury, 1987)

During their heyday, the Runaways treated like shit. Most of the so-called "rock writers", dismissed them as a commercial trick. Thankfully time was on their side and today the band has won the fans admiration as one of the very first all female bands that rocked and most important, rolled the world!
That's a very old CD. To tell you the truth i was anxious to see if this plastic thing still plays on a CD player. The date on the back cover says "1987", and my marked signature ( i used to stain all my records with my name and the date bought them) "1992"... This must be one of the first if not the first ever official conveyance of the Runaways old vinyl catalog to a digital format.
Even though since the first years of the 00s i completed with all their records my collection, this thing still gives me fond memories. It was one of the first 10 CDs of mine (for sure) and of course it played countless times on my parents home stereo at FULL VOLUME!
I'm not going to to write here the Runaways story. There is plenty of better information on the net plus a new movie on 'em with the collaboration of most Runaways members (Joan, Cherrie, Lita). I didn't see it yet but i will on the first chance. Along with the Ramones and the Pistols, Runaways were my first darlings on rock n' roll. For a teenage boy, girls with leather jackets, skin tight jeans and guitars was a blast! To tell you the truth still is. I was from the beginning a Joan Jett guy, but i stole many posters from my metalhead friends with Lita Ford in enormous SEXY outfits! Imagine "Pictures of Lily" by the Who but replace the name "Lily" with "Lita" and you'll get the picture for what Ford did to my teenage libido!
Anyway, this is a good place for starters i think. I mean after this, hunted down and get all of the Runaways material, so this must be a good place indeed.
Hats off to Kim Fowley for picking them up, promote them this way (a jailbait sleazy adolescent fantasy) and make more boys in a Prog / Disco age turn their heads on rock n' roll! And YES, sex is a good reason for someone to like Rock n' Roll!
 320 Kbps
 The Best Of..

R.I.P. Sandy West 


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  3. Lita Ford then and now, the greatest ass in rock n roll......a long as I have a face, baby.....