Friday, July 2, 2010

Wild Zero (DVD - Guitar Wolf - 2000)

Let's talk about cinema a little and concentrate our view on the unproved term, "Rock & Roll Movies". So, what's a rock n' roll movie? Were Elvis movies for example "Rock & Roll"?
- Surely NO! Maybe some of them got a little rockin' but absolutely no rollin'.
OK, were movies like "Tommy" by the Who, any rock & roll?
- Fuck no again!  At this point the Who were no rock n' roll at all in their records, so don't ask to were rock n' roll on a movie!
I'm sure every visitor in this space may add a rock n' roll movie that he like, but I'm not sure if are "rock n' roll" at name only or at heart too. To not bore you more with all these stupid things, for me at least there's ONLY ONE TRUE ROCK & ROLL MOVIE in the half a century of our favorite's music existence..."THE WILD ZERO"...period.

There's this guy named Ace. A cool dude cause as you can see clearly on the opening scene, in his room are hanged posters by the Ramones and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. He's preparing his self to go on a concert. Not any concert though. A Guitar Wolf concert. On his way to the gig, space aliens invade planet Earth (go figure!) and the from this very moment the ACTION starts and never stops! If there's someone can help our hero, that are of course the "Jet Rock N Roll" motherfuckers, Guitar Wolf!

What's next are Tarantino's jealousy on a cool script and twist! Crazy Rock & Roll managers in super-tight shorts, shemales, naked women shooting all over the place and blood thursting zombies ready to destroy what's on this planet! You can find also lotsa guns, lotsa bikes and muscle cars, tons of loud ass rock n roll music and the highlight of them all, laser guitar picks! Fuckin' Wow, huh?

On a past chat i did many years back in a forum about this masterpiece, some guys obviously more into movies and cinema genres than me, told me that this shit belongs to the best 10 zombie-gore-splatters ever! Who am I to disagree? The fuel injected action in the whole 98 mutes of this classic gonna make you drink gallons of alcohol and eat kilos of pizza. The goofy effects and the fucked up editing of the movie puts on grades than ablates and all the clichés we like as a clan, not only are present, but are twitched by the hair!  The soundtrack's got fuckers like the Guitar Wolf (obviously), Teengenerate, the Devil Dogs and the Vikings but sadly no Link Wray or Joan Jett (Wolf's favorites), i guess due to copyright reasons. Every two scenes you can hear the screaming phrase. "Rock n' Roooooollllllll'!

The last 20 minutes are - to put it mildly - over the top action cinematography! Of course if you came here and waiting to see a Marvel metaphor on the big screen or for worse a "Gladiator" or a "Patriot", i'm sorry you're in the wrong place lad! This thing it's the perfect bastard son of a gang bang night by "Plan 9 from Outter Space", Rock N' Roll High School", "Night of the Living Dead" and Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon"! If you don't believe me, well here's your chance. You're just a click away from the ultimate trash experience. What captured here, is the reason to forget undisputed classics like "From Dusk Till Dawn"!  If Link Wray, MC5, Joan Jett, Ed Wood, Dario Argento, George Romero and Quentin Tarantino are among your heroes, you're in the right place pal!

Important as the D chord of the Link Wray's "Rumble"! No Shit!

Rating: Are you kidding me? 10/10
Directed by : Tetsuro Takeuchi
Awarded on Philadelphia's Film Festival as "Audience Award on Best Horror Film"
Runtime : 98 minutes

Many thanks to the original ripper!


  1. Hi, Might need a little help - have only downloaded the first 2 parts so far and have tried to unzip them, but get error messages - do i need to download all of the files first? I'm using a program called Zipeg to unzip and have tried Winzip also. Any help would be good.

  2. Hi anonymous. Yes, you 'll have to download all the parts and after this to extract them. It's very easy.

  3. thanks Mihaeez