Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The J. Geils Band - " 'Live' Full House " (Atlantic - 1972)

From the time i was a lil' kid, i was full of hatred on everything hippie related. To tell you the truth i still am and i don't give a fuck if somenone puts me right away on the 'one track minds' territory! I'm damn proud about it!
So, one of my lotsa 'fanatic' mistakes was to do judge by the cover on many things, even though Big Bad Bo had warned me about it. When you're 15 y.o. all you really want it's action in every level. And i wanted my favorite bands not only to sound like grease motherfuckers but look like too! Through my weekly journeys on the local record shops, any band from the 60s that had beard and long hair was disregarded directly. What a dumb ass! For this reason solely i had lost for many years the magic of true rock n roll bands like the Creedence Clearwater Revival or the J. Geils Band.
J. Geils Band were true ass kickers! Killer rhythm section, blasting harmonica, rip-roaring guitars and howlin' vocals! In a time where the Rolling Stones were trully ountouchables, J. Geils Band along with the Flamin Groovies were the only two who wad the nuts and the guts to kick Mick and Keith's asses!
They had amazing original tunes and great taste on what cover to pick up. They had huge following in the States and they packed arenas by any minute but unfortunately the sales on their records never mirrored due to the fact that the engineers and the producers failed constantly to catch and re-produce that 'raw' sound they had on stage.
Their first three studio albums should be in every household's disc box ("The J. Geils Band" - 1970, "The Morning After" - 1971, "Bloodshot" - 1973) but if you wanna get the real raw sounding of the J. Geils Band should check this live blast here! Recorded in 1972 at Detroit (homeland of many pure rock n roll acts) with the band working like a 16 valve engine on a maximum performance!
If you are not already familiar with these filthy animals, well it's time to kick out the jams with them!

Live - Full House!


  1. Great taste, Mihaleez! I am also 100% Greek - We have a home in Glyfada and Andros!

  2. Thanks Gyro, your posts on Twilight Zone are brilliant too! Do you currently live in Athens?

  3. Mostly New York now. Let me know about a cool show in Greece in the coming year.

  4. Be sure but i guess it's easier for you to catch cool things there than here. Mostly dinosaurs are comin' for gigs... It's not easy to like rock n' roll and be a Greek. Cheers buddy.

  5. Wow, I kinda forgot about this one. Great post, great blog! Thanks for everything you're doing here, it is very much appreciated.

  6. Aug. 21, DTE Music Center, Detroit.
    Whammer Jammer, let me hear ya, Dickie!