Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Rolling Stones - "Main Street Revisited, Mickboy Remasters" (Torn & Frayed - 1999) plus...

Much talking lately 'bout the legendary "Exile On Main St." reissue/remastered edition. As a true sucker i am, i tweak on this and if there's one word to describe the whole project, that is 'disappointment'! Don't know the exact technical clauses, but this shit's for sure "cleaned-up", "louder" and somehow "weak"... I'm no purist (really) and i don't consider myself a huge Stones fanatic (in a way that you must got all albums, even the crappy ones, you know, everything they produced  after "Goat's Head Soup"- yes, I DON'T LIKE "Some Girls"...) but the most important element on why "Exile" still is the MOST MYTHICAL ROCK & ROLL RECORD EVER MADE, was this muddy,druggy,sloppy, loose and filthy sound - atmosphere. And that's gone for sure...
What lurks behind the original mix and production, courtesy of Jimmy Miller of course, is that human and at the same time, out of this world sounding. I'm a person who loves much new creations and technologies and i make my living as a computer engineer, but sometimes 'high definition' cannot create the feelings captured on a 'first take', even if this take is muddy as hell or full of merits! On the review Stephen Thomas Erlewine wrote for, says : "it’s possible to hear what most individual instruments are doing on each track, which may lead for a greater appreciation of the Stones' monumental musicianship, but it’s somewhat at the expense of the album’s mystique". Yeah, truth's sometimes so CRUDE!
 Anyway, if you wanna buy it, do it. But if you really want to hear this masterpiece in its full decadent glory i got some goodies for ya. The "Main Street Revisited" is one of the many Mickboy remasters on the Stones works. Who is Mickboy? Don't know, but i thank him for what he did on these swats! I think this guy re-mixed everything he did from original (probably vinyl) pressings or even some Japanese audiophiles, and guess what, the results are simply SUPERB! His most notably work it's on the "Goat's Head Soup" but "Exile" and "Sticky" are again brilliant! These house works, give bootlegs a good name! Excellent sound, fabulous mixes, keen artworks and marvelous liners! If you wanna get them, try on Rolling Stones collectors sites, but on eBay too and from time to time make an appearance. If you're regular there, I'm sure you'll crash them. Be prepared though to fly off from your wallet many bucks. At the end, if there's one 'remastered' edition must own, that's "Main Street Revisited"

PS: I got on CD also a mid 90s decent "Exile" edition but believe me there's nothing like the original vinyl pressing. Just recently, i discover a fantastic rip of this plastic made by PBTHAL. And here are the good things of technology... Sure this guy got magnificent equipment and knows how to use it! Sometimes i wonder why the Stones not tried to found fans for doing justice on their monuments and instead of this, they used !$%^&* like Don Was or for worse Babyface...? Keef should have killed Jagger a long time ago. Now he's dragged to greedy dollars hell too.

"Hey let him follow you down, /Way underground wind and he's bound. /Bound to follow you down,/Just a dead beat right off the street. /Bound to follow you down./ Well the ballrooms and smelly bordellos /And dressing rooms filled with parasites. /On stage the band has got problems, /They're a bag of nerves on first nights. /He ain't tied down to no home town, /Yeah, and he thought he was wreckless. /You think he's bad, he thinks you're mad, Yeah, and the guitar player gets restless...And his coat is torn and frayed"




  1. and what's up w/the ten minute G rated edit of Cocksucker Blues?
    Especially when you can see the real version on Youtube for free.....

  2. Thumbs up for what you just said Hound!

  3. BIG STONES FAN thanks for the MickBoy Boots. Sounds Great.

  4. thanks for the stones stuff.great blog.
    any plans to post the rumblers punch drunk lp?
    give my vinyl a break!thanks again

  5. Thanks for this, but I will need some time to compare all these different versions...

  6. Mickboy Here......
    Gotta Say right off the bat, thank yew very kindlay!!
    I worked over two years on the Exile remaster and it was
    many years ago I did it. Very Nice that after all is said and done
    that it's held up! Just shows you what a LOT of Love and a great
    Japanese original Toshiba pressing, with the hand of GOD, can do
    for a REAL satisfying remaster. My thanks to you ALL!
    And remember, my original release of 'Revisited" was just $6 for the double, made NO money off of it.....didn't want to ....didn't need to... A labour of Love Baby!

    1. Hi Mickboy - Many sincere and deeply felt thanks for all the truly amazing sonic wizardry you do - it is very, very much appreciated! Alas my original copies got water damaged so please can I do whatever to get replacement copies of Exile and Goats Head? (Your two best for me) Many hopeful thanks for your kind consideration - / J

  7. can't wait to give this a listen. thanks

  8. this has to be good!

  9. Padre (the artwork guy for MB)January 3, 2011 at 12:11 AM

    Yeah, Mickboy sure knows what he does. Great great stuff all the way! Cheers, Mickboy!


  11. Great stuff, but where is the link? Do you know more links to Mickboy's remasters?

    Thank you

    1. It was removed some time ago, but keep checking mate. I’ll do a re-up quite soon, I’ll promise. Don’t know links but I’ve got 5 or 6 Mickboy remasters. I’ll do something in the near future too. Sorry, not much time the last period. Cheers!

    2. Time is on your side, Mihaleez! But maybe there'll be Mickboy for Christmas...? :-)

      Love & Rockets,