Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dr. Feelgood - Going Back Home (The Audio Version - EMI)

I'm looking forward to see Julian Temple's "Oil City Confidential" documentary. To tell you the truth i can't wait! I think of the Feelgoods as the best band came out of the UK in the 70s and yes I'm aware of how many good and legendary (now) bands came out of the island on that decade. I think were by far the best live act! Dr. Feelgood were the first who looked back at the roots of rock & roll and R&B, they stripped it down to the basics, speed-ed it to the max and worked for it from their start to the last days this hero called Lee Brilleaux, 365 days a year!
Sure I adore most of the bands of that first wave of punk rock in England but hey, if there's one truth here is that without the Feelgoods or any other "pub rock" band like the Count Bishops (place here the name of your fave pub band), Johnny Rotten would probably still be a hippie fanatic ("Never trust a Hippie"? Gimme a break Johnny, Hawkwind were punks right?). There's no time to explain myself why Dr. Feelgood were such a great band and influence. If you want to know more, google a little and you'll find plenty of information! From my side, help comes with this live and sweaty document! Hearing it it's believing it! That's the audio disc part of an unbelievable show ( well, actually two) by the gang, recorded of course LIVE (no overdubbed shits here, OK?) on  Kursaal Southend and Sheffield City Hall back at 1975!
Pay some (more) respect to the last of the R&B Mohawks.


  1. Thanks, one of my favorite bands ever.

  2. Just found you and what taste some very good tunes Thank you

  3. Thanks for this Dr. Feelgood - sounds great. Curious though - what happened to track #17 (Roxette)? Anyway, I only recently discovered your blog and I really like the kind of stuff you post. I've now become a regular. Keep up the great work! Thanks again.

  4. You're damn right TommyC... I must do an extra link with "Roxette"... Thanks!

  5. If you are interested in a copy of Oil City Confidential, please email me on Great posts keep up sterling work.


    Dr. Feelgood - The Odissea
    Milan, Italy
    March 10, 1982
    Very Good Audience Recording From Master @320

    Master cassette > Nakamichi > amplifiers > tascam audio cdrw750 > cd > computer >
    plex tool professional XL > wav > flac>MP3

    Track List:
    1. Best In The World
    2. Who's Winning
    3. Java Blue
    4. Jumping From Love To Love
    5. Wait For Saturday Night
    6. Educated Fool
    7. Sugar Shaker
    8. Stupidity
    9. Rat Race
    10. Murder of The First Degree
    11. Rolling and Tumbling
    12. Back In The Night
    13. No Mo' Do' Yakamo
    14. Lovehound
    15. Everything It's Gonna Be Alright
    16. Roxette
    17. Milk And Alcohol
    18. Down At The Doctors
    19. She's A Windup

    Encores :

    20. Riot In Cell Block No. 9
    21. Route 66
    22. All Right Motives (The Monkey Song)
    23. Great Balls Of Fire

    Lee Brilleaux (vocals)
    Sparko (John B. Sparks) (bass)
    John 'Gypie' Mayo (guitar)
    The Big Figure (John Martin) (drums)

  7. Some more bootlegs.
    Links with art work and download.