Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Last Drive - Underworld Shakedown (Hitch-Hyke Records 1986 LIFT002)

The Last Drive are arguably the best rock n roll gang ever came out of Greece. Period.
Today are reformed and with a new album. It's ok, but it's not rock n roll. At least the way they taught rock n roll to creatures like me. You see, born and bred in Greece is not a cool way to hear and dig these sounds. Everything came here with a distance of 10 years later. Garage, Beat, Punk...I don't care for the other shits. As I said, they're not rock n roll, so i don't fuckin' care!
They are still good guys and in their 40s now, maybe matured, but  I'm not! I'm still in my early thirties.
With one of my best friends, Dimitris, we took and excellent interview about 2 years ago for our then fanzine. Never came out both. Maybe someday when we found the time, translate the whole conversation in English and post it in our blogs.
What's unique about them is that they were almost from the beginning something like street intellectuals.
On the "Underworld Shakedown"'s thanx list huddle guys and gals like: Philip K. Dick, Ranxerox, Iggy Pop, Link Wray, the Human Expression, the Velvet Underground, Larry & the Bluenotes, Johnny Burnette, Catherine Deneuve and the whole LP was dedicated to James Cagney!
You know, the dude on "White Heat" movie!
I mean, in a time when the whole wide world gave cool garage revivalists that dedicated their albums to the Flintstones, these fuckers pick on the above!
Ah and the music's here a blender of all these. Not only Garage. To tell you the truth, i still believe this is one of the BEST albums rock n roll ever throw out! And yes, it came from a small corner of this earth that has nothing to do with rock n roll! Nothing at all! Greece....
"The Valley of Death" did Greg Shaw check them, "The Night of the Phantom" tears in pieces Larry's original, "Sidewalk Stroll" has the best sneaky riff Link Wray never produced and "Repulsion" has the sweat of Catherine Deneuve's beautiful eyes in Roman Polanski's movie with the same name.
"Misirlou" proves why only Greeks can play her (ask Roubanis too), and "Blue Moon" has the lament of Elvis' loss.
You really need more...?


  Track List:

01. Me 'N My Wings
02. Valley Of Death
03. Poison
04. Misirlou
05. This Fire Inside
06. Blue Moon
07. Sidewalk Stroll
08. The Shade Of Fever
09. Every Night
10. The Night Of The Phantom
11. Repulsion


Alex K. - Voice, Ripper Bass
George - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Fuzztone Mess, Vocals
Nick "Pop Mind" - Guitar, Fuzztone Guitar, Feedback, Vocals
Chris B.I. - Drums, Tambourine, Vocals

Hannelore Thospann - Organ on "Every Night"

Me holding the limited edition remastered colored vinyl 



  1. Oh, bless you, bless you! I've had "Valley of Death" in my head for ages, and my vinyl is shot!!! Thank you.

  2. Lovin this in America.

  3. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Last Drive - Underworld Shakedown (Hitch-Hyke ...":

    "the limited edition remastered colored vinyl"

    Πότε έγινε αυτό;;; Είναι πρόσφατη επανέκδοση; Bootleg ίσως;

    Είχα ακύσει ότι υπήρχε πρόβλημα στο να επανεκδοθούν οι δίσκοι του γρκουπ.

    -- Γεια χαρά φίλε. Όχι, σίγουρα δεν είναι bootleg και αν δεν με απατά η μνήμη μου, πήγαινα ακόμα λύκειο όταν το αγόρασα... Πρέπει να 'ταν 95-96...Σκέψου ότι το η τιμή είναι ακόμα σε δραχμές (2690 για την ακρίβεια!),από το πάλαι ποτέ Seven Plus Seven. Δε ξέρω την ηλικία σου και αν πρόλαβες αυτό το δισκάδικο. Σε μια γαμάτη συνέντευξη (που δυστυχώς δε βγήκε ποτέ γιατί το διαλύσαμε με τα άλλα παιδιά το Gang Bang), τα παιδιά μας είχαν πει κάποια πράγματα για το θέμα των επανεκδόσεων από τη Hitch Hyke... Anyway, αν θες λεπτομερείς φωτογραφίες μήπως και βγάλεις άκρη, στείλε email στη γνωστή διεύθηνση (πάνω δεξιά παράθυρο) και θα σου στείλω.

  4. thanx for the great review