Monday, July 12, 2010

Jerry Nolan - Interview on VOICE ROCK & ROLL QUARTERLY - "My Life As A Doll" (1991)

Coming in here and not knowing who Jerry Nolan was it's something like an offense!
So go back a little, google, read, buy Dolls and Heartbreakers albums and come back again later. Jerry before the Dolls and Johnny Thunders had another street pal.  Peter Criss. C'mooon, everybody knows Peter Criss- that's the cat behind KISS drum stool on their best moments. Well, blame Jerry for taught him playing the bongos. I remember Suzi Quatro saying me in an e-mail about how Jerry got involved with Cradle (some of Suzi's earlier bands) just because fell in love with her sister. Jerry always was a cool dude. Ask Nancy Spungen and poor Sid Vicious (OK that's difficult but you better believe me).  Got the job on the Dolls after Billy Murcia's death and with his chunk and steady beats those cuties get what they deserved. No money, no fame but a special position in our hearts. There's no true rock n' roller not loving them. Jerry was Johnny's 'older brother' till the end. They formed together the Heartbreakers, helped him with the Cosa Nostra Band, on his solo efforts and on thousands of gigs around the globe. That's why they died together, cause they lived together. Jerry was also behind the kit on legendary street brats like the London Cowboys and in Sweden formed the excellent Heartbreakers expedient, the Tenerifa Cowboys . The best thing i ever read on what now called "music journalism" was the last chapter on "Please Kill Me" book by Legs Mc Neil n' Gillian Mc Cain. A pastiche of many interviews, brilliantly edited, giving the whole punk (hi)story the way this written. Jerry on his last moments remembering Johnny, life on the streets, his tough chick sis and the hole in the shoe of an infamous greasy kid named Elvis Presley! If you haven't read it yet, do it straightforward. If your back not crawl on this, give up, you have absolutely no relation with this devil's thing called Rock & Roll! What we got here is the complete source for that last chapter. Never a pdf document had so many ass shakes inside his many zeros and aces data. MANY THANKS to the unknown cat, for scanning this piece of history! As Colin Gray wrote on Vicious Kitten zine back in the late 90s, "If Johnny Thunders is rockin' n rollin' somewhere in the unknown, you can bet your life that Jerry will be behind the kit, keeping the beat as he always did. May his memory live on, with those immortal words of David Johansen - "Give me one Jerry"!....


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