Friday, July 9, 2010

Hanoi Rocks - "Lean On Me" (Castle - 1986)

The sad thing for every pioneer out there is to be on the corner and watch all second hand wannabes takin' all the chicks and all the money that were designated for them. That happened to poor Johnny (Thunders) and the rest of the Dolls familia. The same thing for the only band deserves the sign "Sons of the Dolls", the Hanoi Rocks!
Johnny loved them, fans too (even Guns N Roses...). That's the first piece by them (along with their live album at Marquee) i bought and still remains a favorite listen. For all those suckers who thinks of Hanoi as a sleaze band, i have just one thing to say... Good night and so long.
Hanoi Rocks are basically a punk rock band. Just like the Dolls or the Clash. They loved also early Alice Cooper and T-Rex. They wrote (or steal) the best riffs and melodies of the rock n' roll history, even from 60s girl groups like the Shangri-Las but they did it with respect and devotion. We're not talking here about parthenogenesis. Good ol' rock n' roll for kids to dance as Johnny Thunders used to say. Not the best place for a newbie since it's a collection with some of their (many) best tracks ("Tragedy", "Taxi Driver", "Back to the Mystery City", "Motorvatin'", "Rebel on the Run" etc) plus some brilliant sounding demos they did with Rene Berg (R.I.P.) and Razzle (fuck you Vince Neil! - R.I.P.). The reasons i post this and not par example, "Two Steps from the Move" it's for the one & only "Hanoi" appearance of Rene's masterpiece "Fast Car" and all the fond memories re-birthing every time i put it on! I still get the chills and all of my skittles going up when i hear Michael Monroe singin':

"I got skintight jeans and high-heel shoes
A leather jacket and nothin' to lose
Gonna rock the nation down the filling station
Don't try to get a ride in my Cadillac
You don't look good enough for that
Sure I am a loner but I'm never alone I get by on my own
I gotta pull... I'm motorvatin

320 Kpbs

Lean On Me 


  1. i saw the original hanoi a few times and they were fucking amazing,just like your site.dirty rock n roll is a motherfucker halalujah! r.i.p. razzle and a double fuck ypu to vince neils wretched useless ass. take care now , dr.watts

  2. Does anyone have a download link for this album?