Saturday, May 1, 2010

Various Artists - "For Dancers Only" (Orig. Kent 1982 - 6T's Rhythm & Soul Special Part 2)

It was 1982 at the beginning of the Ace Records empire. Chiswick Records, the label from which Ace involved had started looking on the reissue market. It was already behind some (classic now) Rockabilly & 50s Rock N Roll compilations and master Ted Carroll thought that it was many soul sides on the vaults from classic 60s labels that waited for so long someone to re-discover them. And that's when enters the picture Croasdell. A huge soul music fanatic and dj that looked at every place to discover or maybe better, unearth forgotten soul classics. Carroll invited him to compile an LP's worth of material from the archives of the Kent/Modern labels. What came out some months later was this. For all Northern Soul fans, this is the first thing you should own. First thing of course after your graduating from the big Motown, Stax and Atlantic schools! And that's what you get here, several non-hit classics of the era by monsters like Ike & Tina, Z.Z. Hill, the Ikettes or Mary Love. There's all over the place a danceable atmosphere infiltration-ed thorough the prism and sound of Motown. "For Dancers Only" LP made it through today and still remains a classic! Something like a "Nuggets" or "Pebbles" comp. for Soul music.  It has till now two at least re-issues on CD with the last one as a replica of the original LP, only smaller to fit this digital thing. From start to finish a rhythm generator and as the front sleeve writes, it's "Where soul begins..."

 For Dancers ONLY!


  1. Hi there,
    I was 19 years old when I bought this LP in 1982, it proved to have a lasting and very bad influence on me and my future tastes, I still have it. Thank you for the memories and thank you to the Kent/Ace crew.

  2. I was just 4! Your comment proves the better way how influential was, is and still be this long play! Thanks for stopping by von Grumpy.

  3. Hello

    I know this was awhile back, but I can't find this anywhere. Any chance of an upload?