Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Guttercat & The Milkmen - "Ballad Of A Drunk Man/Rock 'N' Roll Lingers" (7"- WISH 001, 2008) & "Lonely Tears In The Dark/Love Is Better In A Dream" (7" - WISH 002, 2008)

Another cool dump finding! You know, when me and my wife moved to our new house three years ago, naturally (for her and most women I guess…) and sadly (for me and all the guys came through this, basically all married) MANY things wouldn’t fit to our new home’s formation (grrrrr!). What can you do, democracy is democracy and you have to live with your own decisions (OK it’s not that bad and of course I'm joking, but I never gulped the fact that I have to live separately from many of my books, some of my zines and quite a lot of my CDs)… The good part of this is that from time to time I go down there to see what can I resurrect for me and for you (and find some privacy with the good excuse of settling a little the basement). Guttercat & the Milkmen was (is still?) a cool French band. And I mean way cool. OK obviously they not reinvented the wheel, but they play rock & roll in a way I like to hear it (or for better the way I like to hear it). The fact that Guttercat was once a member of Baby Strange made them fancy instantly (I never said I’m objective person, OK?). I’m quite sure I sent them an apology when our zine died and informed them for the cancellation of our scheduled interview but still (even if I’m excused I believe) no justice paid from my side. This is a CD-R Guts had sent me which includes their two singles for review. I remember clearly I was about to place them in my column as the best for that issue. And how’s not? The triptych of Jacobites/Only Ones/Tyla (of Dogs D’Amour fame) rules every song in here (the 'ballad' single actually has a front sleeve as you can see very lookalike with Tyla's solo works). Drunken electric ‘ballads’ with something more than visible presence of Johnny Thunders’ ghost and for sure an Ian Hunter during the Mott days, touch. There are still copies if you‘re interested, so grab them. I wish I could catch ‘em live. Great band!

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