Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Stooges - "The Stooges" (LP, Elektra - 1969 ~ 1st U.S. Pressing)

Hey! Whassup?
We 're late on many things but except for the usual shit my laptop's gone, too! Thankfully the loss on data matters wasn't big, but till the time comes for a new one (not much money these days, I'm living in Athens Greece, remember?) I'm typing these words from an old tiny Asus netbook that my fingers can barely touch the buttons on it, with no extra drives for ripping even CD things, not enough space for downloading (20 GB HDD and the 60% of them been taken by the OS), so go figure the situation... Talking about blogging right?!

I guess it's time for my partner to save my ass, he-he! We haven't mention Scott Asheton's loss and we haven't wrote a word for his savagery importance, but come to think of it, do you really need White Trash Soul jerks to tell you 'bout Scotty? Naaahhhhh! But you NEED in diverse, White Trash Soul jerks for bringing you the best possible sources in order to hear your rock & roll the way this should be heard...

"BTW, you probably heard Scott Asheton recently passed away. I thought that maybe you could post a good vinyl rip (mine!) of the stooges 1st LP (I know: you hate that hippie 10 minutes tracks). This is a killer pre-proto-punk LP, and the vinyl first US pressing smokes. Crunchy fuzz & crystal clear drums, kills the shitty sounding CD-remasters. Just my 2 cents.
Good evening!

That's right, that's my pal's shot on me yesterday ( I haven't even replied yet I just ran into this). I love him man, I dig the way he thinks I am a 30 something one track minded prick (actually I AM, he-he) that questions even the Stooges!!! OK, I never liked jams in rock & roll (kick out them!!!) but there's an excuse for our beloved Ann - Arborers for those crappy extended tracks... John Cale, man! Major mistake, never count on a Velevet Underground member... I mean, NEVER! (Hate mails accepted on the known email address of the blog, ha-ha!)

So what we were saying? Ah yes, who's the most powerful drummer ever? John Bonham? Pffffffffff......

R.I.P. Scotty


  1. Hi-rez [24bit/96kHz] FLACs:!DU5jAZJT!V01FR2SvDHRizSuQAhkjXW-VOsxjC4M2Ig-2PURXZfw

    320kbps mp3s:

    password: jpstooges

  2. Such a funny funny intro Mihalee!! There must be something in the Pan Hellenic waters 'cause i too have suffered similar afflictions in "taste".

    Thank God though that at 55 i've woken up and need to ask you to "please reconsider".

  3. Rock Action - RIP

    Never heard this on vinyl, so many thanks Mihaleez & pal!

  4. The pass didn't work on FLAC but did on mp3

  5. Nice! Thank you very much. I am also getting a "wrong password or corrupt file" error on the FLAC files. R.I.P. Rock Action

  6. What a drummer and what a messy producer! Password is OK... Thanks

  7. Hey lads, about flac's error message, don't know where the problem lies. Try 7zip or iZarc, it works fine!

  8. use 7-Zip not WinRAR

  9. The problem is not the password—wich works fine—but the sub-directories name. When you use rare symbols as "—" or "–" it could be a problem. With IZarc I had some problems and just a few archives were successfully decompressed. Using 7Zip had no problems. Better not using this symbols next time. Thanks for the files and effort!

  10. can you please re-up load the flac i need to hear this please

  11. can you please send me the flac for this lp the stooges are the only music I listen to, my email is please you will be my hero