Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Dogs D'Amour - "...Straight??!!" (CD,China - 1990)

I'm writing these lines the day before my second round of vacations. At fuckin' last! I'm feeling a wreck with almost done batteries and the feel of a neurasthenic. In one word, EXHAUSTED! And I don't know yet if the place we 're gonna stay has an internet connection. My wife's booked it so I suppose that is not going to have (for the obvious reasons)... OK my mobile has, but you can do much from it. Thinking of this, I thought to post something before my way to some cool beach with lots of bikinis (hopefully) taking a walk in front of my eyes (Am I sounding like a dirty old man or what?!) and some cold beer tankards!
On our subject now, I suppose many of you have this, right? It's not something rare or not well known. And some Dogs D'Amour fanatics rate it as the starting point for the years to come deep gutter dive. But who cares? That's the first Dogs thing I ever bought and I still like it as much as the (broad example of ) 'In The Dynamite Jet Saloon'. But I kinda agree too that it was their last dazzle of the sparkling era. You know what I like most on all these classic DDA albums? The contrasts! They looked and acted like some pirate incarnations that had nothing else to do in this boring age than to play rock & roll. It was their way of stealing women, drinking heavily and travelling around the world perhaps. And all this mix it up now with the beautiful lyrics of Tyla, damned poetry kinda, something of a Byron or a Rimbaud clothed in Chuck Berry riffs. But what I dig the most are the influences, cause a good 80% of these bands, had the Dolls as role models and not the more b(l)ooze British Invasion pattern. These UK brats knew where to look for inspiration, trust me. The Faces and their cheap wine and women feel emerged from every song with the Dogs D'Amour signature on. So, on the downright ironic titled 'Straight??!!' , Tyla and the gang is one step before the fall with all its good and bad reflections. What a beautiful disaster!

See ya in a two weeks (more or less) mates. Keep the rocks rollin'!

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