Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Chimiks - "Modern Storm" (LP, Frantic City - 2012) OUT NOW!!!

You know summer's not a good season for taking care things. At least for me cause I'm already late a month on this (sorry man!)... And I tell you my fault's became bigger when yesterday gave it the listen! Bart sent me another fuckin' dynamite, keeping up high the standards Frantic City Records habituated us for years now (The Wild Zeros, The Pneumonias, Atomic Suplex, The Skeptics, The Beavers, Heartbeeps, etc).
The press info says something for the Dwarves subsequent obvious influences, BUT these guys here for sure were good students in class for the '60s Punk' lessons and especially those chapters for 'Back From The Grave' volumes. The guitar shaves and slash throughout long play's existence by squinting the one eye on the Stooges tradition and the other on every single creepy garage riff came outta the States during the early sixties. I haven't heard Chimiks earlier stuff but I'm definitely sure with this piece of plastic they entered today's global punk rock major league! The fact that WTS's favorite engineer Mike Mariconda, put hands upon is another safeguard for "Modern Storm" 's wild and savage sound. I assuredly can tell that Tim Warren's gonna envy Frantic City for this! Now where the fuck did I placed those Dirtys and Los Ass-Draggers CDs, cause my appetite's open?!

Order the storm here!


  1. I love the Chimiks. They come from a former band called the Fatals (you can find their singles collection in my blog, they are awesome). Fuckin' waitin' for this second album. Dwarves, really? In my opinion, their first LP (I have to upload it, promise) has nothing to do with the Dwarves. I am with you, the Stooges tradition describes much better their sound. Fuck the Dwarves, hail to the Chimiks! Regards, man!

    1. Hey mate!Yeah Dwarves and MANY garage punk transitions on riffage! Mail me on the blog's email when you can.

    2. I'm a dumb, I can't find the blog e-mail. Could you e-mail me (when you can)?