Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Night Trains - "Sleazeball" (Acid Jazz, 1994)

Not again! I got this feeling in the first place when our little 'zine was in its last legs. That 'must write something' feeling got me bored quicker than i thought it would and the next logical level was another nail (mine's this time) in our cool mag's coffin. Suddenly i felt the same. And you know, blogs not about this. You must write, share, post anyway something when you're into the groove and not cause that's what your dictatorship mind demands! Another thing was/is the concept. You know, this is a 'garage/soul/rock & roll' page and that's the way should be left! Fuck rules man! Sometimes you're your own worst enemy. I got to be 33 y.o. to see why many of the people already knew me (my best friends included), referring to me as an adherence person! And i was wondering 'why?'. Cause you trapped in asshole on your own keen rules, that's why!
So, this album i believe it's a club classic. Not the way 'Screamadelica' is, but probably due to the fact that in the late 80s the Acid Jazz label was ruling the sweaty nights 'round London, this pill must was one of their best weapons. I told you before, I'm a 90s kid and i got to all these by myself and not because of some hype. I still like Acid Jazz. I believe this label got something of my idiosyncrasy. It digs the same way garage punk, soul and r&b as 'vexed' jazz, funk or even some electro. Don't know shit about the Night Trains. Who they were, what they did, if they had a hit or how many records were able to put out. I just gave a little check for their discography on the net. I bought this cause i liked the front sleeve (don't ask me why) and as usually (still...) happens to me of the label's logo. I haven't heard it in years. Brushing up your record collection always have something to offer and this time was this groooooovy baybee compact disc. I'm sure you can get it through some internet auction and on the other hand surely this never re-printed so...till the next time my mind command me to give you something, slip in.
Yours faithfully.