Monday, October 22, 2012

Roky Erickson and the Aliens - "Mine Mine Mind / Bloody Hammer" (7inch, CBS - 1980)

Hi there. My good partner mailed me this the other day:
"Just got the Roky Erickson single shown below. I always thought 'Bloody Hammer' was his best song, as strong as the Elevators 'Roller Coaster' or the Stones 'Gimme Shelter' or anything from the Stooges LPs. Killer track, but I've always been disappointed by the mix found on LP or CD. Kinda loud but muddy. The single version has a much clearer mix, especially on the drums (which are buried on the LP mix), intro is slightly different and it lasts longer. I don't think it's available elsewhere. Play it loud!"
I always thought of these Aliens accompanied Roky records' as Elevators equals and quite (if not much) underestimated. So, who am I to disagree? Play loud then!



  1. Ripped & uploaded by Jean Philippe

  2. I Gotta hear that! He wrote so many good songs during his Aliens time...Thanks

  3. Yeah, more Roky! Thanks!

  4. I think this far superior version of "Bloody Hammer" eventually ended up on some CD or other, but at the time it was still relatively new, it drove me NUTS having to listen to the lame, truncated version nearly every time I heard the song!

    Hell, it was nearly as frustrating as the time we tried to shoot a cheapie video of my apartment manager's band doing "You're Gonna Miss Me" with Roky playing the role of, well, the apartment manager.

    Things were going just fine until we took Roky up to the bedroom where we were setting up the scene where the band's playing wakes up a cute gal in her nightie. One look at our hired hottie in her unmentionables and the Rok started hemming and hawing -- "I, I, I d-don't d-do skin movies!" he finally stammered, motioning to his driver that he wanted outta there pronto!


    -- Not Daniel Johnston