Monday, March 5, 2012

Scott Morgan Needs Your Help!

Bad news travels fast? I mean it’s not THAT bad hopefully, but anytime I hear something for some serious illness or something similar I feel I’m getting something like a knot down my throat… The other day my good friend Colin Bryce (the man behind Mohair Sweets/Black Aces/Drivin' Wheel) informed me for a benefit show about Scott Morgan. I wrote many times here how much RESPECT I have for the MAN! Fuck, a much underrated singer and even more guitarist. I never figured out why the Faces never continued with Scott in Rod’s place! They could have been the ONLY band that had the three of the best white “black” throats in rock & roll. And I really don’t know how this ‘rights owning system’ works, but the harsh realities of a legend like Scott Morgan needing benefit shows for the expenses, makes me ANGRY! The least I can do is to ‘promote’ this show…
You all know as well my repulsion for bloggers asking for donations… I’m not going to expand on this… It’s the only time I’ll ask or better; beg for your hard earned money… I’m copying here a part of Colin’s email for every one of us to understand the situation on health system in the West ‘civilized’ world…

The cost of medical care in the US can be astronomical if you don't belong to a health plan and of course a great many US citizens (musicians included) do not have coverage. Hospital bills in the US can completely bankrupt a person.
Please visit Scott's homepage to find out more and to donate

You can do your duty here:

As far for the specific event (click poster to enlarge for details), Colin informed me that the show (obviously) will have “number of things the Rationals played, some Detroit stuff that Scott influenced and was a part of and of course a whole heap of his music over the sound system.I wish pal I was there! You can tape the show of course and let me later ‘boot’ it, haha! The Drivin' Wheel are kick ass tough R&B band (exactly the way we like our Pub Rock here at WTS HQ), fun has a warranty stamp and your money will go to a definitely good cause!

You can view the Drivin' Wheel in action on youtube here:
I’m sure you all know who Scott Morgan is but it’s always a blast checking related stuff by him:


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