Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stiv Bators - "L.A. L.A." (Bomp, BCD 4046 - 1994)

I’m a fan of Stiv Bators but as much as I dig Dead Boys and his solo efforts on Bomp, the same way I (almost) despise the Wanderers or the Lords of the New Church. Too much 'Blade-Runner' scenarios on one hand and too much goth on the other....Sorry, but i won't buy. I'm a pure 'dumb' fun kind of guy. I prefer to remember him the way he looked earlier on and not with candles and black painted nails... On Dead Boys was a true nihilistic force an’ answer to Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols and a lil’ later was a Knickerbockers/Choir/Beatles power popper, flourish in style with Vox guitars and tight mods suits!
Many punk fanatics at first disappointed with this turn of Stiv's career, but the only thing he wanted at the time was to get rid the persona of the Dead Boys front man. Personally speaking, i go nuts with this la-la-la songs with loud guitars. And Bomp! was the perfect place for someone who wanted to play that kind of music. This great compilation includes the excellent aforementioned Bomp singles, alternate & demo versions, jam sessions with Kim Fowley and the Runaways plus the stunning version of "I Stand Accused", a song originally by the Glories which because of this guy named Elvis Costello, had to stay in the can until the release of "L.A L.A".  Such fun!



  2. full thanks

    i.m a great fan of Stiv. i saw him live with the LONC in montreal clud soda with Brian James sort of sober,

    keep on the good feeding

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  6. Dr. Anonymous (Scott) from LI NY sez: LA LA has been one of my
    favorite CDs of all time since I was turned on to this phase
    of Stiv's career sometime in the early 1990s by various friends, DJs,
    and NYC punks and miscreants. Also a massive Dead Boys fan, and to a lesser degree The Lords and The Wanderers. I'm playing my prized old CD copy right now tonight as we speak(?). Also prized and a must-have CD is the Stiv Disconnected album. Anything on Bomp is generally great, of course. Also, Disconnected has as the final track the infamous Stiv prank phone call "BBq'd Yardbird" bit which had me rolling on the floor when I first heard that CD. "oh that sound bodacious I come down for that gumbo honey! What is it? A buck three 80...ok honey" (Stiv as obscure old bluesman Junebug Skillet pranking local bbq hut) As for Lords, I stil feel their "Black Album" with
    R. Roulette is their finest effort.